Menlo Solid Carbide Cutting Tools
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"Probably the most comprehensive and diverse range of solid carbide cutting tools."


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Milling - General Purpose - Solid Carbide

Miniature end mills
Stub length end mills
Double ended end mills
Standard end mills
Long series end mills
Extra long end mills
Super-long end mills
Profiling end mills
Tapered end mills
FC3 type throwaway end mills


Milling - Specialised - Solid Carbide

Aluminium machining
Stainless steel machining
Roughing end mills
Multiflute end mills
Keyseat cutters
LHS/RHC end mills
Hi-Helix end mills


Drilling - Solid Carbide

2 Flute twist drills
3 Flute drills (Triflutes)
2 Straight flute Roc-50 drills
Centre drills (Combined drill - countersink)
Tap removal drills
NC Spotting drills


Drilling - Precision Carbide Tipped

Stub length
Standard length
Long length
Morse taper shank - Stub length
Morse taper shank - Standard length



Reaming - Solid Carbide

Standard range
Fast-track specials made to order


Routing - Solid Carbide

Diamond-cut routers
2 Straight flute routers
Spiral flute routers



Standard length burrs
Long and extra long length burrs
Aluminium cut burrs


Miscellaneous Products

Boring bars
Pantograph cutters - Engraving blanks
Corner rounding cutters
Chamfering tools


Additional Services

Tool Coatings
Tool Modifications
Tool Resharpening

Full Catalogue Available on Request


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